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Do you have trouble remembering to take your medications? Is it a hassle to figure out how to take them correctly? We can help with a system to meet your needs. We can prepare your medications in easy-to-use packets, call us or stop by to discuss all your options.






We are committed to maintaining the health of our community by giving you the option to have one of our pharmacists administer your yearly Flu Shot. Other vaccines are available including Zostavax for shingles and Tdap (tetanus diptheria, and pertussis "whooping cough". We encourage you to ask our Pharmacists about all of your options.






We offer many items that you may need for improving the comfort of your own home. We also offer rentals of some medical equipment for short-term needs. Our product range is diverse and includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, and home safety bathroom aids. If there is something specific you are looking for, please speak with someone on our staff and we can special order the products needed to assist with daily living.






If you have a concern with any of your medications, you can schedule a time to have a Pharmacist review your medications and answer any questions you may have. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Plan, this service may be included in your plan.






Care and conveinence wherever you go! Manage medications for the whole family, track prescriptions and customize alerts so you never forget a dose! Download the My GNP Mobile App and choose Sutton, NE as your location.


RxWiki offers the world’s leading medication encyclopedia written, edited and published by licensed pharmacists – the most trusted person in healthcare.


RxWiki’s mission is, “To create, organize, and share the world’s medication knowledge.” Their Life Sciences Library of Digital Encyclopedias was created and is managed by a network of pharmacists deploying the Perpetual-Peer-Review TM editorial process. Patients can easily find accurate information from a pharmacist they trust. enables consumers to easily Find, Ask, Rate and Share world-class medicines, health news, and financial assistance programs. is a leading resource for patients to find both English and Spanish medication videos.


They believe digital patient education drives medication adherence and produces positive patient behaviors – major steps towards a healthier world.


To research, visit their website at


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Know The 10 Signs:

Early Detection Matters


Alzheimer’s Association

posted June 5, 2017


The Alzheimer’s Association has created a list of warning signs for Alzheimer’s and other dementias to help identify problems early. Individuals may experience one or more of these signs in different degrees. If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of these signs, please see a doctor to find the cause. Early diagnosis gives you a chance to seek treatment and plan for your future.


1. Memory Loss That Disrupts Daily Life - One of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the early stage, is forgetting recently learned information. Others include forgetting important dates or events, asking for the same information over and over, and increasingly needing to rely on memory aids (ex: reminder notes or electronic devices) or family members for things they used to handle on their own. What’s a typical age-related change? Sometimes forgetting names or appointments, but remembering them later.


2. Challenges in Planning or Solving Problems - Some people may experience changes in their ability to develop and follow a plan or work with numbers. They may have trouble following a familiar recipe or keeping track of monthly bills. They may have difficulty concentrating and take much longer to do things than they did before. What’s a typical age-related change? Making occasional errors when balancing a checkbook.




Learn more:

• Visit for more information about warning signs.

• Call our free 24/7 helpline at 800-272-3900 (TTY: 866-403-3073) for support, information and referrals.

• Visit to access free online workshops.